My photographs, paintings, collages and writings assemble through albums, fictions and diaries. The streets of Naples or the lines of the desert are the canvas for imaginary films from which I tell the story, depict the motifs and want to capture each sound. Influenced by the grain and rhythm of Cassavetes and by Giacomelli’s expressionist photography, I assemble my images, emphasize the contrasts, paradoxes and the graphic depiction of ordinary life. My images become the album covers of Wonderland Stereo and the watercolors of my Diaries. The CVS cashier or the cowboy passing by on Hollywood Boulevard are the characters of my poems. The radio, the helicopters and the howling of coyotes that I record are recomposed in a “Sound-Collage”. In Tangier, I paint flowers, mosaics and the blue city that I have yet not seen. I draw the wild mustangs running in the plains, I cut and recompose my paintings through collages. A California sky, wings of birds, filaments of sunsets, elements of the desert. The search for my true aesthetics are a natural response to emotions, tensions and desires. Each sequence of my work are the juxtaposition of these essential elements of my reality, between the American West and the Mediterranean.


2019 “Naples”, Show Gallery, Palm Springs 2018 ‘‘Hollywood Diaries’’, Show Gallery, Los Angeles
2016 ‘‘Splash!’’, As it is, Lyon, France
2015 ‘‘Wonderland Stereo’’, L'Echappée Belle, Sète 2014 ‘‘Wonderland Stereo’’, Paris/Berlin, Los Angeles 2012 ‘‘Wonderland Stereo’’, Barbara Bui, Los Angeles
2011 “Wonderland Stereo’’, HIE Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 ‘‘From Elsewhere to Here’’, HIE Gallery, Los Angeles
2009 ‘‘Lucie B.’’, Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona, Spain
2009 ‘‘Paris Streets Views’’, Merci, Paris, France 2004 ‘‘Paris-Méditerranée’’, Sète, France


2018 ‘‘Art Program’’, Le Barn, Paris, France
2017 ‘‘Art Program’’, Nomad Hotel, Los Angeles
2015 ‘‘Multiplicities’’, Paris/Berlin, Los Angeles
2012 ‘‘Wonderland Stereo’’, Bonni Benrubi, New York
2012 ‘‘Drive my car’’, Madrid Foto, Spain
2012 ‘‘Hellawood’’, Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles
2011 ‘‘Selected Works’’, HIE Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 ‘‘Lucie B.’’, Swab, Barcelona, Spain
2010 ‘‘Lucie B’’, Madrid Foto, Spain
2009 “A table!”, curated by A. Miralda and Hervé di Rosa, Musée International des Arts Modestes, Sète, France
2008 ‘‘Naples’’, Galerie Philippe Chaume, Paris
2008 ‘‘La chutte ou la lutte’’, Kaplan’s Project, Naples


2015 ‘‘Wonderland Stereo’’, self-publication, Los Angeles
2009 ‘‘Lucie B.’’, Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona
2008 ‘‘L'Hippocampe’’, Atelier Woolworth, Paris
2007 ‘‘Naples’’, Portraits de Villes, Be-Poles Editions, Paris


2018 Hollywood Diaries,
2018 Vanessa Atlan: Hollywood Diaries,
2018 Vanessa Atlan at Show Gallery,
2016 Splash!, Glamour, France
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2014 Wonderland Stereo LA
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2002 Portrait, Vogue France