Portrait on Melrose , Los Angeles 2009

Portrait on Melrose, Los Angeles 2009

My work is built around experiments inside the intimate territories of my childhood as well as my everyday life, through different forms of expression: photography, watercolor, collage, poetry and installation. From my first photo-series, Paris-Méditerranée to Wonderland Stereo (an imaginary record label) or through my Diaries (works on paper, ongoing series), my vision is profoundly connected to an emotional immediacy, balancing the fine line between fiction and reality like an existential thread.

Vanessa Atlan, Los Angeles 2019


2018 Hollywood Diaries, Show Gallery, Los Angeles
2016 Splash!, As it is, Lyon, France
2015 Wonderland Stereo, L'Echappée Belle, Sète, France 2014 Wonderland Stereo, Paris/Berlin, Los Angeles 2012 Wonderland Stereo, Barbara Bui, Los Angeles 2011 Wonderland Stereo, HIE Gallery, Los Angeles 2011 From Elsewhere to Here, HIE Gallery, Los Angeles 2009Lucie B, Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona, Spain
2009 Paris Streets Views, Merci, Paris, France
2004 Paris-Méditerranée, Sète, France


2018 Art Program, Le Barn, Paris, France
2017 Art Program, Nomad Hotel, Los Angeles
2015 Multiplicities, Paris/Berlin, Los Angeles
2012 Wonderland Stereo, Bonni Benrubi Gallery, NYC 2012 Drive my car, Madrid Foto, Galeria Tagomago, Spain
2012 Hellawood, Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles
2011 Selected Works, HIE Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 Lucie B, Swab, Barcelona, Spain
2010 Lucie B, Madrid Foto, Galeria Tagomago, Madrid, Spain
2009 A table!, curated by A. Miralda and H. Di Rosa, MIAM, Sète
2008 Portraits de villes, Galerie Philippe Chaume, Paris, France 2008 La chute ou la lutte, Kaplan’s Project, Palazzo Spinelli, Naples


2015 Wonderland Stereo, self-published, Los Angeles 2009 Lucie B, Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona
2008 L'Hippocampe, Portfolio of 9 original lithographs, Woolworth Studio, Paris
2007 Naples, Portraits de Villes, Be-Pôles Editions, Paris


2016 Splash!, Glamour
2015 Les Fictions rock de Vanessa Atlan, Midi Libre 2014 Wonderland Stereo, L’Oeil de la Photographie
2014 Wonderland Stereo, LA racked.com
2013 Wonderland Stereo, Photo Magazine
2012 Wonderland Stereo, Les Inrocks
2011 California vibrations, la nouvelle vague, Les Inrocks 2011 Westwind UCLA
2011 Regards singuliers sur la ville, Le Monde
2009 Paris street views, Elle Deco
2002 Portrait, Vogue France