Wonderland Stereo is a music label and a work of fiction. For seven years, my photographs taken on Mulholland drive, in the streets of Los Angeles and in the California desert are created through collages to become the covers of imaginary music albums.  The Zephyrs, Betty in Jail or Electric City…
 I invent the titles, lyrics and original soundtracks to films that don’t exist.   I tell the stories of each musician, fictional characters of which their destinies, demise or heroism, are traces of passages through the American West.   The vinyls do not exist. I draw them, using a pen, watercolor, and oil for the black to shine.
apostolic double recadrage ret 100 dpi .jpg
apostolic faith cadrage ret 100 dpi.jpg
vinyls montage website ret final 100 dpi.jpg
page 27 fake 100 .jpg
Dear Mariana coffret 41 x 41 cm FINAL 100 dpi.jpg
Roy Jackson album verso bis Coffret .jpg
jingi double recadrage 100 dpi.jpg
Jingi ret FINAL ret 100 dpi.jpg
the zephyrs final 100 dpi.jpg
Monte Carlo Coffret FINAL 100 dpi.jpg
Monte Carlo coffret ret 100 dpi.jpg
 A woman that I meet inspires me the character of Patricia Jacobowitz   who I imagine started the music label in the 60’s.  I photograph her,   invent an interview for a magazine   and recreate the vintage ambience of the lobby.
Patricia Jacobowitz RET tirage expo louise 100 dpi.jpg
 The radio,  the seagulls and the waves,  the helicopters,  or the howling of coyotes  that I recorded during seven years,  are formed in a soundtrack,  a “Sound-Collage” of 37 minutes and 24 seconds.
bande blanche website 2 cm.jpg
back on the road website.jpg
photomaton web 100 dpi.jpg
platine vinyle rouge 20x30cm 100 dpi bis.jpg
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